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Gifts for Her Couple Pixel Mosaic Art Custom Photo Puzzle Frame


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Picture yourself in pixel art mosaic building block. If you're looking for a surprising gift for your friend or a thoughtful gesture to show your loved ones how important they are to you, our custom mosaic portrait is the best way to make a lasting impression. Mosaic assembling is both fun and intellectual activity. It improves focus, boosts brain power and enhances children's cognitive development. Puzzles make a great family pastime, especially during joyful family occasions. You can also frame a ready-made portrait and hang it on the wall to double it as art and surprise your guests with such an unusual interior solution. We've created a mosaic set that's bright-colored, sturdy and eco-friendly.

Products Infomation

Studs size: 6mm

9.4*9.4inch 2304 studs

12.6*12.6inch 4096 studs

15.7*15.7inch 6400 studs

18.9*18.9inch 9216 studs

What you'll get:

  • A set of colored bricks. The bricks are packed in separate packages according to the color (up to 10 colors). Every package has a sticker with a number for assembling. We always put extra studs just in case.
  • Paper instructions.
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