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Custom Family Photo Quillow - Multifuctional Throw Pillow and Quilt 2 in 1 - 47.25"x55.10"


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  • Multi-functional pillow and quilt: Can be used as a decorative pillow, soft quilt, comforter for children, seat cushion or as a travel blanket.
  • Convenient carrying: The 2 in 1 pillow & quilt foldable nature allows it to be folded into a pillow small enough to store in a backpack or suitcase easily, but large enough to be a cozy pillow to doze on. This pillow/quilt can be easily used at home or travelling, camping, staying as a guest, in a car or plane, or when staying in a dorm.
  • Custom photos printed on both sides: Advanced techniques used to guarantee photos turning out clear and detailed.
  • 2 kinds of materials available to choose: High quality and environmentally friendly fleece / cotton and linen selected to make sure of its comfortability and healthiness.
  • Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversaries, birthday and Christmas.
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